LADOVA Business School

LADOVA Business School
Dear friends,
We have committed to donate 100% profit of LADOVA Group International to develop LADOVA Business School,
The First FREE e-Commerce Business School in South East Asia.

We will be launching LADOVA Business School at ASEAN e-Commerce Summit 2015 for 1 million out of school children in 10 Countries in South East Asia.

GRATIS Seminar Bisnis Online Tanpa Modal
Bergabunglah bersama 36 ribu anggota Asosiasi Bisnis Digital (ABD) yang sudah memiliki bisnis online tanpa modal dengan bantuan LADOVA Consulting, Digital Business Consulting
GRATIS menghadiri seluruh pelatihan bisnis online tanpa modal dengan menjadi anggota Asosiasi Bisnis Digital (ABD)

ASEAN e-Commerce Conference 2015 will be held on:
Date    : December 12th 2015
Time   : 09.00
Venue : Marquee Conference Center, Cyber 2 Tower, 17th Floor.
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Blok X5, No. 13

FREE Registration
Please register here.

Further details:
WA: 0877 800 12 112

We do believe education should be FREE and the only way to make education free and borderless is through online learning.

We also predict super-expensive business schools will be out of business in less than 10 years since all youth in ASEAN can access huge online material, start their own start up, and interact with the Top Ten e-Commerce Top Level Managements (CEO, CTO, CMO, CFO, and COO), Venture Capitals, Angel Investors, Bankings, Telco Providers, Business Incubators and other top level managements from multinational companies for FREE.

We really hope you, all start-ups, angel investors, ventures capitals, medias, and all business incubators in ASEAN could invest and work together with this massive social impact business school. With this powerful solution, we hope there will no out-of school children in ASEAN.


LADOVA Group International
#1 Non-Profit e-Commerce Business Group in Indonesia

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